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Welcome to Smartlock Digital. Our range of locking solutions are packed with innovative features to deliver business users a safe lock to suit their individual needs. From basic gun safe locks to complete cash in transit locking systems, Smartlock Digital products are the leaders in the industry. Our products provide the highest level of security for:
• Bank Safes • Vaults • Commercial Safes • Government Containers & Cabinets • Automatic teller machines (ATMs) • Cash In Transit Operations • Jewellery Safes • Drug Safes



Made to exacting standards, much of the safe and ATM range is certified to both Group 1 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) & European VDS KL2 manipulation proof rating. We also have a lock model available for SCEC approved Australian government B class applications. Our locks are not only designed to keep criminals out, but also provide internal management systems to enable management to properly control access and tighten internal security. Many of our products offer audit trails and time scheduling, telling you who has accessed the lock and when. Other varied options such as dual combinations and multi levelled access allow the user to select the best possible features to suit their needs and the requirements of their organisation. Smartlock products are not only suitable for new safes and ATM’s, but also easily retrofitted in place of existing hardware, allowing complete systems to be simply upgraded at once.

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